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Special Agent OSO: License To Play DVD

Special Agent OSO: License To Play DVD

500 PTS
400 PTS + S&P

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Standard $3.72

Even when the heat is on and there's not a moment to lose, Special Agent Oso always finds a way to save the day! Join the special-agent-in-training on thrilling adventures as he empowers kids, getting them up on their feet to enjoy an exciting array of games, sports and activities. Whether it's helping youngsters play hopscotch, jump rope, fly a kite or throw a football, Oso is there to lend a paw.  All he needs is advise from his fellow agents, guidance from Mr. Dos and Paw Pilot, and most importantly, help from YOU.  Packed with over two hours of cool gadgets, catchy songs and super spy skills, License To Play is guaranteed to set fun in motion! Languages: English, Spanish, French (1 disc DVD)

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